Grad Housing Information

On-Campus Graduate Housing

Are you interested in on-campus graduate housing? We’ve got you covered!  MIT graduate residences are vibrant, collaborative places that offer a variety of choices to meet the needs of graduate students and their families. Campus housing is popular among graduate students because it’s convenient and economical. Most of all, it offers the opportunity to plunge feet-first into one of the most vibrant, adventurous communities on earth.

The graduate housing Self-Selection process typically opens in late April/early May for on-campus housing selection.  Please see below for additional information.

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What is ‘Self Selection,’ you ask? 

Self-Selection allows you to select a specific available unit within on-campus MIT graduate housing that meets your housing needs. This selection process enables participants select and sign a housing license agreement for their exact housing assignment from the available options in one quick and easy process within the Housing Portal

Who is eligible to select on-campus housing? 

On-campus housing is prioritized for MIT graduate students.  Self-Selection will open first exclusively to MIT graduate students and will later open to cross-registered students, postdocs, and visiting researchers.  Please consult our Dates & Deadlines webpage for additional information.   

How long is the Self-Selection process open?

The Self-Selection process will open in late April/early May and will continue each Tuesday and Thursday, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm ET, through mid-October, subject to housing availability.  

What housing options are available? 

All available MIT graduate housing assignments will appear within the Self-Selection portal.  This includes housing options for singles students, couples, and students with children.  Take a moment to explore all of your on-campus housing options by visiting the Housing & Residential Services website

What are the occupancy dates? 

Move-in dates are flexible, although most incoming residents will move onto campus after August 1.  You'll be able to view the availability date for each housing unit within your Housing Portal after the Self-Selection process opens.  After you select your housing assignment, we will work directly with you to help ensure a seamless transition into on-campus graduate housing. If your assigned move-in date is later than your desired move date, you may also choose to sublicense (rent) a room/apartment from a current graduate resident. You can find additional information about the sublicensing process on our website

Where can I go for more information?

As a starting point, check out our FAQ page for helpful guidance.  You're also welcome to watch a housing webinar recording on our website or listen to a current resident.  You're also welcome to reach out to the team at Housing & Residential Services through various channels, including virtual drop-in office hours.  


Off-Campus Housing

If you’re interested in living off campus, we welcome you to explore off-campus housing options in the Greater Cambridge area by visiting (MIT certificate or credentials required).  The website includes off-campus rental listings and other tenant resources, and also provides opportunities to connect with fellow MIT students for roommate purposes.